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What is uPaged?

uPaged is a technology solution – we call it a healthcare workforce marketplace.

Think Amazon but where full vetted, compliant and employment-ready healthcare workers and healthcare organisations connect so that shifts, short-term contracts and permanent healthcare employment opportunities can be filled in almost instantly.

uPaged solves, time, cost, quality and supply issues for healthcare workers and healthcare organisations. It eliminates employment biases and puts control and choice back in the hands of clinicians (not recruiters).

uPaged’s goal is to ensure that healthcare workers can connect to meaningful and attractive employment opportunities perfectly suited to their needs.

We have a proud history and a great story. You can read about it here.

Is uPaged a nursing agency or a healthcare recruitment agency?

No – it’s neither. uPaged isn’t a nursing agency or a recruitment agency.

uPaged is a workforce technology solution – for hospitals, it’s a workforce management ecosystem; for healthcare workers, it’s a marketplace, and for nursing and medical recruitment agencies it’s both a marketplace and a platform for showcasing great job opportunities to healthcare talent.

uPaged offers shift-by-shift, short-term contracts, and permanent placements. uPaged also supports surge workforce requirements, long-term contracts and rural and remote placements.

uPaged is your end-to-end employment solution and the perfect way to try-before-you-buy for healthcare workers and healthcare organisations.

However you use uPaged, it empowers clinicians to take control of their staffing needs, and it empowers healthcare workers to take back control of their careers.

How many nurses are available on uPaged?

As of December 2023,  9,053 AHPRA-registered Enrolled Nurses and Registered Nurses are available through uPaged, and nurses are onboarding daily as our network expands. 

However, we don’t divulge the numbers of nurses using the platform via speciality, location or nurse type because these numbers are arbitrary and should never be used to make a decision about whether you use our service or not.

uPaged is not the employer of nurses therefore cannot assign a nurse to a specific shift – rather, nurses set their availability and choose when and where they wish to work. Furthermore, on-demand nurses often work through multiple providers, and this non-exclusivity may limit their availability. For example, we may have 250 paediatric ICU nurses in Brisbane, but if 95% choose to only work in a specific hospital, on specific shifts and at a specific rate of pay, and they don’t meet your requirement for years of experience or additional skill sets that your patients need, the number of nurses we have is irrelevant.

Furthermore, as an increasing number of nurses are choosing more flexible work opportunities to meet their lifestyles, and we’re seeing more workforce mobility, so if a nurse sees several weeks of shifts on the platform, irrespective of where they live, they may choose to temporarily relocate from outside their home base to pick up shifts that are more interesting and meaningful to them.

The easiest way to find out how many nurses are available to fill your shifts is to post your vacant shift on uPaged, where you can choose the nurses that best suit your needs at that point in time. For shifts with low demand, we have a range of incentives in place to encourage uptake so you can get your shifts filled. When a shift is poste don uPaged, every nurse who meets your criteria are instantly notified of your shift and can be instantly booked, invite a nurse to apply, or a nurse can apply direct to fill you vacancy within seconds.


What hospitals use uPaged?

As of 1 February 2024, 138 hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia use uPaged. You can find the full list here.

How do I get shifts put on the app?

You can register here so we can activate your account, or contact a uPaged Workforce Solutions Specialist here.

Head office handle our staffing. How can I get uPaged?

We can speak to your head office to get them connected to uPaged.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to list vacancies. Only pay for what you use, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional nursing agencies.

Will I get the same or equivalent type of nurse that I get from my usual nursing agency?

Yes you’ll get the same or better.

How long will it take for my shifts to be filled ?

Available practitioners will match with your shifts immediately, and if they have worked in your facility before, you may opt to have accepted into your shift immediately. Every practitioner on our database that lives within a 60 km radius of facility gets notified of your shift instantly.

The earlier you list your shifts (ie: the more notice practitioners have) and the more shifts you have on the platform, the higher your shift fill rates and the quicker your shifts will get filled.

What’s with the ratings and testimonials? How do they work?

Just like Uber, uPaged operates a system of ratings, testimonials, and reliability rates – just some of the many unique features of the uPaged platform. Great healthcare workers are proud of the work they they do, and brilliant healthcare organisations enjoy the reputations they earn – uPaged gives both the platform to prove it.

The transparency afforded by ratings, testimonials and reliability rates raise the bar for healthcare talent and healthcare organisations, and helps stamp out the poor behaviour that has historically plagued some corners of the sector.

At the end of each shift, healthcare facilities are rated, and healthcare workers rate the ward / facility. For healthcare facilities, ratings help other healthcare workers decide if they want to work at that facility. This helps healthcare organisations with their recruitment efforts and with attracting the right talent. Similarly, highly rated healthcare workers with fantastic testimonials given to them by their shift supervisors, move from on-demand to in-demand.

Is it easy to use? How long does it take to get set up?

It’s so easy that it doesn’t need an in-service (and that can only be a good thing on a busy ward).

Healthcare facilities can be up and running in a matter of hours.

If you need a hand with registering, we’re happy to help.

How much will it cost for specialist nurses?

While some nursing recruitment agencies have premium pricing for specialists, for example, theatre nurses, we don’t.

Instead, you choose what you need to pay to attract the talent you need, by adding a Boost to the base rate.

How do I get started?

It’s super easy.

Hospitals and healthcare organisations can book in here.

Joining is easy

Simply create an account, build your profile, and match with your perfect nurse / shift / hospital.
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