What is uPaged?

uPaged is a technology solution – we call it a healthcare workforce marketplace.

Think Amazon but where fully vetted, compliant, and employment-ready nurses and healthcare organisations (hospitals and aged care facilities) connect so that casual shifts, last-minute shifts, block bookings, short-term contracts, and permanent healthcare employment opportunities can be filled in almost instantly.

uPaged solves, time, cost, quality and supply issues for nurses and other healthcare workers and healthcare organisations. It eliminates employment biases and puts control and choice back in the hands of clinicians (not recruiters).

uPaged’s goal is to ensure that nurses can connect to meaningful and attractive employment opportunities perfectly suited to their needs.

Why uPaged?
Nurses buy into uPaged because of how we make them feel.
At uPaged, our aim is to make it all about you.
We want you to be rewarded for your skills, and we do this with great rates of pay, rewards, bonuses and pay perks.
We recognise you for your experience, and we do this with our unique matching tool that shows shifts that match your needs, skills, and availability.
We want you to be welcomed by employers, and we do this with a shift briefing so that your Manager knows exactly who you are and what you’re capable of when you arrive on shift.
We want you to be hired for being you, so you get great patient allocations and enjoy meaningful work.
We will never allocate you to shifts or tell you when or where you need to work – only you can make that decision.
It’s all about your choice, your freedom and your flexibility.
Now. let’s get uPaged.
What nursing documents do I need to be onboarded, so I can apply for shifts?

There is no way around it – onboarding at any nursing agency, hospital or healthcare organisation means presenting all your work experience, certificates and mandatories. We’re here to make that easy.

This is a list of the minimum requirements for employment at any Australian nursing agency or healthcare facility (these are also the minimum requirements to apply for shifts and term contracts on uPaged). Add yours to uPaged and store them free, for life.

Employment Checks
AHPRA Registration number
National Police Check – within 12 months
Working With Children Check / Blue Card
Evidence of your nursing year level
Confirmation of your eligibility to work (passport or visa)

Work Experience
Your most recent work experience – send us your updated resume and we can add this for you
2 x Referees

Covid-19 – in accordance with the latest state / facility requirements
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (dTpa)
Hepatitis B
Tuberculosis (TB)
Influenza (‘Flu)
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
Varicella (Chickenpox)

Mandatory Training

Basic Life Support
Fire & Evacuation
Manual Handling
Drug Calculation Assessment*
IV Medication Administration*
Hand Hygiene
Infection Prevention & Control*
Aseptic Technique*

Please note that some healthcare facilities may have additional employment requirements for specialist types of work, for example, when working in Rural and Remote areas

*This training can be completed for free (yay!) via the uPaged Training Academy


What happens after I sign up?

It takes just 2 minutes to sign-up, and once you’ve registered, you’ll get an email asking you to confirm your address.

You’ll then need to sign-in to your profile and:

1) add your contact details

2) add your work experience (or upload your resume, or both)

We’ll then review your profile to ensure you’re job-ready, (please give us 24 hours to do this 🙂) and we will send you an email to invite you to a phone interview.

After your phone interview, you’ll be able to start searching for and applying for shifts that match.

Different jobs have different compliance levels, so the more complete your uPaged profile is, the more opportunities you’ll have to choose from.

Is uPaged a nursing agency or a healthcare recruitment agency?

No – it’s neither. uPaged isn’t a nursing agency or a recruitment agency.

uPaged is a workforce technology solution – for hospitals, it’s a workforce management ecosystem; for healthcare workers, it’s a marketplace, and for nursing and medical recruitment agencies it’s both a marketplace and a platform for showcasing great job opportunities to healthcare talent.

However you use uPaged, it empowers clinicians to take control of their staffing needs, and it empowers healthcare workers to take back control of their careers.

What is a uPaged profile?

When you register on the platform, you are creating a uPaged profile.

Your uPaged profile is yours, free for life, not accessible to anyone except you, and with the relevant job components only ever visible to potential employers if and when you choose to apply for work with them.

One of the bonuses of having a uPaged profile is that it becomes an online version of your resume – a digital passport to work if that’s how you want to look at it.

You’ve got it for life and can store all your nursing certifications, your work history, your mandatory competencies, immunisations, police and working with children checks, COVID clearances, training, referees … everything you need to work as a healthcare professional. All safe and sound for you, whether you are looking for work or not.

We all know how long the document gathering takes every time you apply for nursing jobs – uPaged takes all that pain away.

Soon, you’ll be able to download a printable version of your profile to apply for opportunities anywhere.

What hospitals and healthcare organisations can I work at?

We’re glad you asked!

Hospitals and healthcare organisations are onboarding daily as our network expands.

As of February 2024, 138 healthcare organisations are currently using uPaged – including Medibank for telehealth nationwide, as well as healthcare providers, hospitals and aged care facilities across NSW, QLD, WA, VIC and the ACT. 

If your favourite hospital, healthcare organisation or healthcare facility isn’t already getting uPaged, let us know at hello@uPaged.com and we’ll get them onboarded.

Right now, the following healthcare organisations can offer last-minute and advance-booking casual shifts in metropolitan and major regional centres, as well as travel nurse, and rural and remote term contracts.

The full list of facilities servied by uPaged is here. 


What’s with the ratings and testimonials? How do they work?
Just like Uber, uPaged operates a system of ratings, testimonials, and reliability rates – just some of the many unique features of the uPaged platform. Great healthcare workers are proud of the work they they do, and brilliant healthcare organisations enjoy the reputations they earn – uPaged gives both the platform to prove it.

The transparency afforded by ratings, testimonials and reliability rates raise the bar for healthcare talent and healthcare organisations, and helps stamp out the poor behaviour that has historically plagued some corners of the sector.

At the end of each shift, healthcare facilities are rated, and healthcare workers rate the ward / facility. For healthcare facilities, ratings help other healthcare workers decide if they want to work at that facility. This helps healthcare organisations with their recruitment efforts and with attracting the right talent. Similarly, highly rated healthcare workers with fantastic testimonials given to them by their shift supervisors, move from on-demand to in-demand.

What sort of work is available on the platform?

uPaged offers shift-by-shift, short-term contracts, and permanent placements. This includes aged care, acute care, GP nurse shifts and telehealth. uPaged also supports surge workforce requirements, long-term contracts and rural and remote placements. 

What sort of healthcare workers do healthcare organisations need?

Just about everything. Healthcare organisations on the platform seek all sorts of healthcare workers, from AINs (Assistants in Nursing) for Aged Care and Hospitals, to ENs (Enrolled Nurses), RNs (Registered Nurses and RMs (Registered Midwives).

What specialties do healthcare organisations look for?

Typically, the more specialised your experience, the more in-demand you’ll be. Healthcare workers with experience in ICU, ED, Theatre Scrub/Scout, Anaesthetics, Recovery are always in demand, however uPaged has something for everyone, and many healthcare organisations are willing to offer on-the-job-training in more specialised areas for returning healthcare talent.

Is it easy to use? How long does it take to get set up?

It’s so easy that it doesn’t need an in-service (and that can only be a good thing!)

Healthcare facilities can be up and running in a matter of hours.

And for healthcare practioners, if you have all your documentation at hand, you can register today, and be working tomorrow.

For first-timers, you can register on the app, however, we recommend completing your prolife using a desktop as you’ll need to upload evidence of your experience.

If you need a hand with registering, we’re happy to help.

How much does it cost?

We’ll never charge healthcare workers to use uPaged.

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and healthcare recruitment agencies pay a low fee, and only pay for what is used by way of a low commission, one-off payment or low subscription. There are no set-up costs or lock-in contracts.

How much will I get paid? What can I earn?

Pay depends on many factors. At an absolute minimum, for shift-by-shift roles, rates will be the casual rate awarded at that hospital or healthcare facility, with appropriate loading. Some roles may have a uPaged Perk, bonus or incentive payment attached. Surge rates may be offered for in-demand skills and experience, giving healthcare workers more choice.

Every shift available on uPaged shows the rate of pay on offer. Healthcare workers can choose an opportunity based on the rate of pay on offer, location, cancellation rate or healthcare facility or hospital rating – whatever is most important to the healthcare worker.

To find out how much you could get paid, check out our Pay Rates Calculator below.


Rates calculator


We value your privacy & have a no-spam policy. Spam isn’t cool. Nurses are.


I'm an AIN, Diploma of Nursing or Bachelor of Nursing student or a New Graduate RN / EN. Can I register?

Yes. However, most healthcare organisations will require at least 1 completed and passed clinical placement in order to consider you for a role. 

AINs must have any of the following qualifications:

  • CHC33015 / CHC43015 – Assistant in Nursing – Ageing Support
  • HLT33115 / HLT32507 – Assisting in Nursing – Work in Acute Care

Undergraduate nursing students may be employed as AINs in the second or third year of their Bachelor program or the second year of the Diploma program if they have evidence of 2 successfully completed clinical placements.

We know how hard it is for new and soon-to-be grads to get that first big break, so we strongly encourage you to register on uPaged now, so you’re ready for shifts when you do have the minimum experience required.

How is work offered to healthcare practitoners?

Healthcare practitioners can apply to any shift, contract or permanent role, and you may also be invited to apply to healthcare organisations if you match tier requirements. Then you can choose to accept that opportunity.

We’re also going to let you in on a little inside intel …

Sometimes, uPaged may have surge workforce requests from healthcare organisations that cannot be viewed on the platform. When this happens, the very first thing we do is email the healthcare workers registered on the platform, whether they have a fully completed profile or not.

Most of these gigs are first-in-first-served and preference is always given to those we already know. If we need more candidates than those already known to us, we’ll then post on our socials (usually the next day, to give nurses known to us a head start on being selected first) and then we will go public with advertising (always a last resort!).

So … if you want to stay in the loop, register on the site, and we will add you to the list so you can be notified about when these great gigs do come up.

I’m an overseas nurse. Do you offer sponsorship?

No, we don’t offer sponsorship – we’re not a nursing agency (we’re the cool tech behind the scenes) and we don’t employ nurses. It’s also outside of the scope of our service to advise on where to get sponsorship, but a great place to start is by contacting AHPRA in the first instance.

If you’re overseas and intending to come to Australia in the coming months, uPaged might be a great tool for you to use to pick up work. Register on the platform to get started.

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Why is everyone talking about uPaged?

Because it is simple and easy to get uPaged.

Healthcare practitioners: you choose when where and how you work, and make great money. No more agency middlemen.

Healthcare organisations: you invite your healthcare worker based on the skills, qualifications and experience you need for your team and your patients. Save time, reduce employment bias, improve quality, eliminate non-compliance, and save money. No more nursing recruitment agency middlemen.

  • Ratings, testimonials, and clear rates of pay for each hour worked mean you know exactly what you’re getting, every time. Be invited to, or apply for a shift, contract or placement.
  • Filter and search based on your terms: skills, qualifications, location, facility type, hours, – the options are endless – whether you’re booking for your facility, or searching for work opportunities that suit your needs.
  • Standardised compliance supports workforce mobility, with safety nets in place to ensure non-compliant healthcare workers cannot apply for, or be visible for opportunities.
  • Downloadable healthcare worker profile summaries help with safe patient allocation and ensure ward staff know your capability on arrival.
  • uPaged Perks ($ incentive) help hard-to-fill and short notice shifts.
  • Digital timesheets mean easy sign-on and sign-off.
How do I get started?

It’s super easy.

Healthcare practitioners can register here in less than 2 minutes.

Healthcare organisations can book in here.

Joining is easy

Simply create an account, build your profile, and match with your perfect nurse / shift / hospital.
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