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Such an easy way to select and onboard quality nurses on a casual and revolving basis. uPaged also takes the hassle of payroll and paperwork. My team get peace of mind that they will be receiving contingent staff that really know what they’re doing

DON, Mid-sized Private Hospital Sydney

So glad I got uPaged. The team really care about what I want and need, and are always there to help. App notifications give me the inside track on the best paying gigs that suit my needs & I’m now working less hours but getting better pay on quality shifts

Jane RN

uPaged was incredible when our facility went into lockdown and we had to stand down staff. We are so grateful that we were able to source such experienced nurses who genuinely wanted to work with us despite the very challenging conditions. Our residents and their families were equally grateful for the high level and above-and-beyond care

NUM, Aged Care Facility

I’ve been offered work opportunities I would have never otherwise been able to get if it wasn’t for uPaged. Now that hospitals have been able to see my experience, I’m getting the variety and choice of work that I want, and my long-term career options have really improved.

Ben EN

Being matched with great nurses makes my job so much easier. Knowing they’re fully compliant and employment-ready is one thing – seeing the reviews and testimonials they’ve received from other facilities they’ve worked at means I can make really informed and much smarter decisions. It’s win-win-win – for my facility, my staff, my patients, and the uPaged nurse

Booking Manager, Specialist Day Surgery Clinic

An RN at my placement facility recommended I get uPaged to see if I could get more experience while I’m studying. I still can’t quite believe that as an AIN, I’m now working at the hospital I really want to work at permanently when I graduate as an RN. The experience I’m getting is well beyond what my peers are getting. Just wish more hospitals would get uPaged


Inspired by Amazon for its marketplace, Uber for its convenience, and Hinge for the informed decision making it enables. We call it uPaged, because in healthcare, you page a specialist when you need them

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Nurses, doctors and allied healthcare practitioners: make smarter choices, and showcase your unique skills, experience and preferences in an online profile for a perfect match to work

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choose when and where you work in places where the people, perks and values align with your needs
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Conservative margins and dynamic pay rates, mean higher fill rates with a greater selection of skilled applicants, for a lower overall cost

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Source compliant, matched nurses, doctors, allied health professionals. Enjoy better matches and faster job fills, while honouring your preferred provider agreements and hospital relationships

Vendor-neutral nursing workforce platform. Increase your agency earnings, reduce your administrative burden, eliminate compliance risks

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