Vendor neutral healthcare workforce platform for healthcare recruitment agencies

Connecting and retaining talent and accessing outside of network opportunities has never been easier


Share your opportunities to the largest pool of healthcare talent nationwide

It’s no secret that hospitals nationwide are aiming for zero nursing agency use within the next few years to reduce the high cost of contingent nursing workforce.
Meanwhile hospitals and healthcare networks struggle with managing multiple nursing agency suppliers, and the lack of transparency across the many disparate platforms and processes that they use to book contingent nursing workforce.

Showcase the breadth of your workforce talent and available opportunities

Honour your preferred provider agreements and relationships

Increase your footprint in healthcare organisations

Source employment-ready workforce from outside your network to fill your opportunities

Vendor neutral healthcare workforce platform for nursing agencies

reduce your administrative burden
enhance existing provider arrangements
increase your revenue
enable facilities to invite your nurses to shifts
keep your nursing workforce engaged in meaningful work
gain workforce insights from dashboard analytics
reduce or eliminate underemployment of your nursing workforce
facilitate more choice, more control, and a variety of work
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