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hello, we’re uPaged

uPaged was born of an idea that there had to be a better way for great nurses to get great nursing jobs when they want; and for quality healthcare organisations to find quality nurses quickly. since then, uPaged has expanded across a range of healthcare workers

Gig work has been around for decades in healthcare, however, the tech that had raised the bar for work in other industries had failed to make it to healthcare. Until now

Meet uPaged

Putting the heart back into healthcare by:

giving healthcare workers freedom of choice with when, where and how they work, and control over their careers, on a platform that showcases their skills and expertise direct to the healthcare organisations that engage them
helping healthcare organisations solve supply, quality, time and cost issues and eliminate labour-intensive sourcing and administrative burdens

‘Think Amazon, but for healthcare workforce. And it’s a bit like TripAdvisor and Hinge meeting Uber in a mash-up with the traditional nursing agency model, but better’

Our story

“A few years ago, I was working full-time hours, 3 days a week, as a Registered Nurse and Intensive Care Specialist. For the previous 8 years, I’d been supplementing my income with agency nursing work and I had started to feel unfulfilled. I wanted to make a greater impact. I’d also repeatedly observed the disconnect – as agency nurse and ward nurse – between agencies, nurses, hospital and patients.

An interesting dynamic played out each time an agency nurse arrived on shift which didn’t make sense to me. There was no value – for nurse, hospital, nursing agency or patient.

I was also acutely aware that hospitals were paying hefty fees for nurses and yet they had little or no control over who they were allocated by their agency, and therefore they couldn’t effectively utilise the unique skills and experience of their agency nurses.

Nurses I spoke to complained of frequent agency cancellations, a lack of respect for their skills, no trust from nursing peers on agency shifts, and allocations to patients with conditions that they had no experience with.
I established uPaged to solve all these problems.

uPaged puts control and choice over healthcare workforce back in the hands of clinicians, eases the financial burden for healthcare organisations and providers, and increases transparency for frontline healthcare workforce by showcasing their skills and experience.”

Zara Lord | CEO | Founder | Registered Nurse

Whether you want to join us a healthcare worker, a healthcare organisation or you’re keen to join our team, come help us make an impact, and change the world of healthcare on-demand for the better

Our Mission: To transform the delivery of on-demand healthcare worldwide by empowering practitioners and enabling healthcare facilities to seamlessly connect the right talent, to the right shift, at the right price so that patients thrive.

Our Vision: A world where on-demand practitioners are empowered to deliver high-quality patient care.


Our Values: Curiosity, Integrity, Transparency, Value.


Our Culture:  We’re driven by respect, transparency and true ownership of our roles. We’re passionate about change and creating value. We have zero-tolerance for discrimination in any form. We’re nimble and responsive, and we’re big on collaboration – we listen and we learn from each other – and we know that makes us stronger as a team.

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