5 Benefits of uPaged as a Nursing Agency Alternative

March 28, 2023

uPaged vs Nursing Agencies

You might be using nursing agencies to fill your nursing shifts. And it can be super expensive. Piles of paperwork, multiple emails, SMSs and phone calls to a gazillion different agencies to fill shifts, can quickly increase your NUM’s already enormous workload.

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to find talented practitioners?  Have you ever wondered what your work life would look like if you could book talent with a simple click and save money? 

Enter uPaged –  a match made in healthcare heaven for hospitals, aged care facilities and healthcare providers. You are in complete control. Learn who your contingent workforce is  – their interests, skills,  and experience, slash your costs and save time.

5 Benefits of uPaged You Didn’t Know

#1 – Nurses are compliant 

All nurses are interviewed and uPaged has a fool-proof system in place to check the credentials of nurses. In addition to a National Police Check, nurses are thoroughly vetted and screened before uPaged and Onboarding Specialists set them live on the platform. uPaged compliance checks include:

  • Sighting and checking mandatory competency certifications, immunisations, and training, ensuring validity and currency
  • Two reference checks from clinical supervisors who have observed practice in the past 12 months
  • AHPRA registration

What does that mean for you? Simply, you will only receive applications from experienced, qualified, AHPRA-registered nurses. 

Once a nurse has completed a shift in your facility, you can provide them with a rating and testimonial. The uPaged feedback system holds nurses accountable for their performance. Similarly, nurses rate a facility on completion of a shift, ultimately raising the standard and transparency of both healthcare facility and nurse on the uPaged platform. This helps other nurses make a more informed decision about the facility, and for facilities with regard to the nurse.

#2 – Massive Savings on Workforce Fees 

uPaged allows you to save money on staffing costs. How? 

Nurses register on the platform and build fully validated professional profiles.

Hospital managers post shifts and connect with experienced and employment-ready nurses. 

uPaged removes the financial biases typically experienced when using traditional nursing agencies and puts decision-making back in the right hands – with a middleman recruiter taken out of the picture, you make the choice about your staff. 

  • We don’t have lock-in contracts or setup fees
  • We do not charge exorbitant commissions or high fees
  • You decide the hourly rate for shifts and nurses see the rate you decide
  • Because we are not a recruitment agency – you end up saving on commission fees and nurse’s fees. 
  • You only pay for what you use.

We typically save hospitals  $120 per shift. Even if you are just using 2 agency nurses a day, you can still save up to $85, 000 per year. That’s the equivalent of one full-time nurse!

A mid-sized private hospital currently using the uPaged platform has saved over $400,000 in FY 2021-22. So can you! 

With absolutely no set-up costs, your facility could be onboarded today and be booking nurses tomorrow. 

#3 – Transparency and Safe Patient Outcomes

With traditional recruitment agencies, nurses can be allocated to any ward and any hospital irrespective of their skill sets. Nurse Unit Managers have no idea of the skills of a nurse. It’s not easy to work when you are completely out of the loop and have no idea of who is coming to work and whether they are going to be the right fit for a patient or ward.

Our algorithm matches nurses to your patient’s needs based on parameters set by the ward. This transparent system means you know the skills and experience of a nurse before they have even arrived. Even better, a downloadable nurse profile is sent to the Charge Nurse on booking, which can then be placed in the allocations folder, so the team knows exactly who is arriving on shift and their skills and experience.

This translates to safe patient allocations, and an easy transition into a ward, saving you time and providing you with utmost peace of mind.

The benefits are endless. Imagine how much healthcare can transform with transparency, happy staff and patients!

#4 – Less Admin Work and More Time

It is time-consuming and costly to recruit through agencies. You may be going back and forth between agencies, handling the paperwork, finding the right nurses and trying to stay within the budget, and can be a nerve-wracking process.

With our unique algorithm and intuitive technology, you save time on:

Admin work – sorting through paperwork and finding the right practitioners – done for you automatically by uPaged.

You add the shift dates and requirements to the platform. Only nurses who match your criteria can apply (or you can invite your favourite practitioners) to the shifts.

Payroll can be managed by uPaged or by your facility. This frees you up from the admin work and gives you more flexibility and time to focus on important things, like patient care.

#5 – Talented Practitioners

With nursing agencies, nurses are not in control of their careers. They don’t get to demonstrate their value and skills.

But with uPaged and the exceptionally talented nurses on this platform, nurses get to showcase their unique value. And you get to benefit from an incredibly skilled workforce…

Need someone with experience in ICU? Theatre? Paediatrics? 

You can have all that and more. We position your facility to attract the best talent.  So not only will your hospital get safe and quality patient outcomes, you will attract talented staff best suited for your needs. 

We are not just saying it – we really do have the best workforce in Australia. 

With over 4000 practitioners on the platform, you can access quality staff with the click of a button. Start saving now. Book a demo or call Alex on 0480 028 835 to discuss your requirements. We’re happy to help.



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