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From on-demand to in-demand

Showcase your unique value. Get selected for your nursing skills and experience. Hospitals compete for you and pay you well for the privilege of having you

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You select the nursing shifts that suit you at the healthcare facilities that you want to work at. Already with a nursing agency? No problem

Earn more

Earn higher rates of pay as healthcare facilities surge price their rates in busy periods. Alternately, choose nursing shifts with uPaged Perks attached for bonus rates

Your workforce passport for life

Every patient, hospital, healthcare organisation, in-service, course and conference makes you the expert you are. Enjoy lifetime access to your nursing career portfolio

Enjoy meaningful work, higher rates of pay,

choice and flexibility 

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It’s so easy using uPaged to pick up casual nursing shifts. I simply apply for shifts through the app, and when you’re booked you’re instantly notified. I love how uPaged gives nurses the ability to choose their own shifts without relying on a traditional nursing agency…

Registered Nurse 5


A great platform for picking up extra shifts within your scope and particular to your skill set. Easy document uploads with minimum fuss through a very user-friendly interface. uPaged’s personalised service looks after me at every step.

Registered Nurse 6


Amazing! Gives nurses the ability to choose their own shifts without relying on an agency. I found it easy to sign up and get started. Definitely recommend it!

Registered Nurse 6


The two-way rating system keeps things transparent for everyone. No more last-minute cancellations and direct communication with the facility makes the experience seamless. Would definitely recommend it!

Registered Nurse 5


There’s no way I could have paid my mortgage as as a single mum without it! The entire fortnight’s payment went directly to my mortgage. I didn’t miss it from my pay and it covered almost 80% of my monthly mortgage payment. Now that I don’t have a mortgage, I have the money put into a prepaid card that I use for daily expenses, medications, groceries etc.

Registered Nurse 6


I just paid $50 a week extra tax to cover the HECS repayments by picking up uPaged shifts. Now I’ve got not no debt left. It’s definitely worth it to salary sacrifice. Absolutely mad not to in.

Registered Nurse 6


uPaged’s low fees means nurses get paid more

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Register, Access every uPaged job in seconds, Sign up in under 2 minutes to view all uPaged work
Browse shifts, Search for work that suits your needs, Find work that fits your schedule, goals and lifestyle, uPaged
Apply, One touch away from your perfect gig, Choose your own roster to suit your lifestyle in a few clicks, uPaged
Create, Instantly know exactly what's needed for a role, Use your profile as your application every time , uPaged
Get the gig, Because you're the best fit for the role, Know you're exactly what the facility needs & wants

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Nursing agency jobs (without the agency middleman)

  • Occasional casual shifts
  • Last-minute shifts
  • Advance shift bookings 

Nursing jobs in hospitals and aged care

  • Casual nursing shifts
  • Part-time nursing jobs
  • Transition to permanent roles after trying as a casual

Nursing term contracts

  • Regional nursing contracts
  • Rural & remote nursing contracts
  • Short-term metropolitan nursing contracts
  • Long-term nursing contracts in all areas

Travel nursing jobs

  • Travel around Australia and pick up term contract positions in different cities & states

I really like this – it’s easy to use. Being able to choose what and when I want is fantastic. I also like being invited by hospitals to apply for their shifts. For the first time since I started doing agency shifts, I feel in control.

upaged agency nursing job
upaged agency nursing job nurse
upaged agency nursing job

The hospital staff know exactly who I am when I arrive on shift; they know my experience, my skills, and what my specialisations are, thanks to the Nurse Summary, and I get great patient allocations as a result.

It’s also great to have the people behind the tech so easy to communicate with (thanks Steph, Alex and Erin!)

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