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April 15, 2019

The platform to find casual work in nursing that showcases your skills and puts you in control of your casual nursing shifts.

These days we want it all – work-life balance, flexibility, sufficient income and job fulfilment. Nurses are hard workers, we do fast-paced work over long hours as part of complex models of care. We care deeply about our patients, and we want to be valued for the work that we do. We also want our careers to provide us a sustainable way of life. The gig economy is growing, where people can find on demand work in a simpler way. Almost half (46%) of the working-aged population will be a part of the gig economy by 2027. People are shifting to on-demand work arrangements that suits them, allowing companies to dip into a pool of talent to meet dynamic on demand market conditions. uPaged has created a platform to enable on-demand work opportunities for the nursing sector.

Why change is needed

While agency nurses earn a good casual rate of pay, the nursing agencies are the ones who truly benefit. Hospitals spend millions of dollars each year on agency fees, and this financial burden limits the ability of the hospitals to engage more agency nurses. This places strain on the entire nursing team, puts their patients at higher risk and results in less shifts for nurses who rely on casual work.

uPaged offers a unique, cost effective solution. We charge lower fees to the hospitals, allowing you to be booked more and cancelled less.

How uPaged works:

  1. Build your professional profile.
  2. Be matched with shifts suit to your skill set and availability.
  3. Receive a professional rating and testimonial for each shift.
  4. Rate the hospital to assist other nurses in their shift selection.
  5. Keep track of your hours and income on our easy to use website and mobile app.

Benefits to nurses

Competitive rates of pay, choose your shifts on personal preference

Less cancellations & more shifts, we charge lower fees so you’re the first booked and last cancelled.

Transparency and control, providing you all the information to make the best choice for you.

Satisfaction and respect, feel more appreciated by having your unique skill set showcased.

Full time recruitment transition, ‘try before you buy’, find the permanent work place that is right for you.


With uPaged, nurses build a professional profile showcasing their unique skill set and supporting more appropriate allocations. We aim to take the anonymity out of agency nursing through transparency. Better matching of shifts and nurses = better performance, safer patient care and greater job satisfaction.

If a nurse finds a hospital they would like to work permanently in, uPaged will support this transition. We won’t charge the hospital the $5,000 – $14,000 recruitment fee they are usually charged, which has traditionally restricted this process. uPaged are not your employer, we are the connector.

uPaged is a flexible on-demand platform, providing a direct connection between hospitals and nurses. We’re a technology solution, not your employer so we’re not biased over where you work. We match nurses skills to market demand and allow the right people to make the most informed decision.



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