Free Lifetime Digital Nursing Career Portfolio

Free Lifetime Digital Nursing Career Portfolio

January 31, 2020

Wait! What? Did someone say free???

Yes, it’s true! One of the many unique and super features of the uPaged platform is that it also acts as a digital nursing career portfolio.

How cool is that?

In addition to connecting nursing seeking casual shifts with the hospitals who have shifts available, the platform is also a comprehensive digital portfolio and resume for life for nurses.

Better yet, it’s free. Yep – that’s right. Costs you nix to register, upload your docs, keep them in order, and get reminders about renewal dates and all.

uPaged was (built by nurses for nurses – all you need to do is register, upload your documents, and you can access them anytime. It stores your mandatories, post-grad, certs, training and work experience, along with WCC, immunisation history, AHPRA – everything you need to work as a nurse in Australia.

Your profile is only accessible by you unless you set your availability to work because you also want to secure work in hospitals. (If you’re not looking for work, no need to follow any instructions on the site about getting shifts). Simples!

In the coming months, we’ll be adding a CPD tracker to the App so you can also keep track of your minimum hours required for your AHPRA registration.

You can register and upload your documents via the App or desktop, and access your details anytime.

You can download the App for Android here and for iOS Apple here.

Download the uPaged App and keep your nursing career portfolio close.

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