Where to Find High Paying Nurse on Call Jobs Online

June 1, 2019

Nurse on call jobs pay higher rates than permanent work and allow nurses to fit their work around their life, rather than the other way around. However, it’s not the easiest work available. Nurses on call are constantly thrown into different environments and have to navigate new computer systems, work cultures and roles and responsibilities. Just working out what information they need at a new workplace can be challenging enough. So, how do nurses find the best-paying positions that adequately compensate for the demanding position of a nurse on call? Read on to find out where to find higher-paying nurse on call jobs.

Looking for nurse on call jobs?

There are many reasons nurses look for on-call jobs, but the main drawcard is flexibility. If you need to find work that doesn’t interfere with family or other commitments, nurse on calls jobs are a great option. They can also be ideal for nurses who want to ease back into the workforce after a break or nurses who already work part-time or full-time but want to supplement their income.

Where to Find Nurse on Call Jobs?

Nurse on call jobs can be found in many ways, including:

  • On job seeker websites such as Seek or CareerOne

  • Directly with nursing recruitment agencies

  • Asking friends or former colleagues

  • Asking hospitals or other employers who their preferred suppliers are

  • State government websites (such as I Work For NSW)

  • Getting to know employers by attending local networking groups and forums, conferences and talks about health.

Another way is to look out for organisations that pay referral bonuses to nurses who refer successful candidates to the agency. If you enjoy working for an agency, chances are that your friends will too.

Here is a list of organisations that match nurses with employers:


uPaged is an excellent place to look for nurse on call jobs because it is not a nursing recruitment agency, it’s a platform or marketplace that allows nurses and potential employers to connect. Nurses can choose shifts depending on the location, rate of pay, shift length, hospital rating and available parking among other things. Employers offer casual pay rates at a minimum, but they can also offer more to attract top talent or as an incentive in busy periods. Nurses are paid directly by the employer and are sometimes provided with a uniform which means on demand nurses are instantly made to feel a part of the team. Pay includes superannuation and may also include perks that other employees receive.

Nurses who want time off can simply block out days on their calendars (available via an easy-to-use phone app or desktop). Nurses can also manage other settings. For example, if they don’t wish to work at a particular hospital, they can make their profile invisible to that employer, and they can specify which specialities they would prefer to work in. If that speciality isn’t available, uPaged shows the next best option.

Employers can view the work history, skills and qualifications of the nurse to decide if they are the right fit for their patient load, then uPaged handles the on-boarding with the hospital’s human resources team. Both employers and nurses can see ratings from previous placements and a cancellation rate to help everyone strive to maintain consistency and reliability.

Unlike nursing recruitment agencies, uPaged gives nurses the flexibility to switch to permanent work. Nursing recruitment agencies charge potential employers a large commission if they want to permanently employ a nurse on call that has been placed with them. This makes the permanent employee unviable for the employers and means that nurses who would like to switch to permanent work miss out and have to seek work at hospitals that they haven’t been to before.  On uPaged nurses can try out a bunch of hospitals and wards, and find the permanent workplace that’s right for them.

Find out more to see how it works…

Healthcare Australia

Healthcare Australia is one of the largest nursing recruitment agencies in Australia. That makes it a good place to look for jobs in any city, rural or regional area. Healthcare Australia also offers support for overseas nurses who want to work in Australia on a working holiday visa. They also offer salary boosts for some positions and Quickpay, an option that allows nurses to pay a small administration fee and get paid within 24 hours for shifts.

Cornerstone Medical Recruitment

Cornerstone Medical Recruitment has excellent employee reviews and Indeed also rates it as the highest-paying agency in Australia (they crunch data from thousands of employee submissions). They are also on a mission to get more health care professionals into rural areas.

Tips for Finding Nurse on Call Jobs

Nurses seeking on call jobs should think hard about where they want to work then find out as much as they can about the employer before contacting agencies. This information should include:

  • Are they the preferred provider for the hospitals I want to work at?

  • Will they have enough work for my needs

  • Will they help me with mandatory training?

  • Do I have enough experience to thrive in on-demand work?

Find a Nurse on Call Job Online

Looking for a nurse on call job is easy to do online, but many agencies like to interview candidates to get a rounded picture of their experience and goals rather than considering them for a specific position. Nurses who want to dig deep into whether a particular employer or agency would suit them shouldn’t limit their search to the information provided by the organisation itself. Facebook groups for nurses are also a wealth of information. An up-to-date LinkedIn profile detailing experience as well as future career goals can work very effectively for nurses as LinkedIn is an increasingly popular way for potential employers and professionals to connect. Potential employers may even direct message you with exciting new opportunities.

Sign up with uPaged

uPaged exists to connect nurses with employers without the high fees that other agencies charge. Because uPaged doesn’t charge employers exorbitant fees to place nurses in casual shifts or permanent jobs, hospitals and other workplaces are less likely to cancel shifts and more likely to offer nurses a higher rate of pay.

uPaged also values transparency and provides all the available information to nurses so they can make an informed decision about whether to accept a shift or not.

If you are a nurse looking for casual on-call shifts or permanent work, join uPaged today to share your professional profile with leading hospitals and other healthcare organisations.



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