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RN Kate was brilliant. Super experienced and able to help out less experienced nurses. Great team player


Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Department: 8 South

EN Marc was great. First shift & matched perfectly due to detailed allocation sheet (thanks uPaged – made our jobs easier). Escalated things really well


Sydney Adventist Hospital Department: General Surgical

EN Sarah. Good match – worked well. Thank you


Western Sydney Aged Care Department: Palliative Care

RN Geeta has good clinical and patient communication skills. Happy to invite back


Skin Cancer Clinics Department: Penrith Clinic

EN James was great.  


Sydney Day Surgery Department: Royal Prince Alfred

AIN Casey trained on-site today. Clear communication about clinical skills limitations so we worked around that. Would welcome back


BioPharmaTech Testing Department: RAT Testing

RN Sophie. Excellent. Please come again


The Royal Department: Paediatrics

EN Tate – above standard patient care. Liked by residents and  staff


Aged Care Department: Eastern Suburbs Sydney

AIN Elizabeth. Quick and efficient and we’d like to onboard to permanent


Sydney Covid Testing Centre Department: Swabbing

RN Gen – anaesthetics experience was much appreciated


Bondi Junction Private Department: Day Surg

RN Karmal – good foundational knowledge for first time in rehab. Past ED experience was a huge benefit for team. Bonus she was bilingual & able to converse with a patient in distress


Private Geriatric Rehab Department: Rehab

RN Alex – diligent and thorough work. Positive feedback from patients


Teleahealth Department: Aged Care Planning

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