Code of Conduct


We bear a vital responsibility to deliver top-tier care to patients across diverse healthcare settings.

Operating in a short-staffed environment can be particularly stressful for all parties involved. Generally, the receiving team deeply appreciates your willingness to step in and assist them during challenging staffing situations.

As an on-demand clinician, you are representing your own personal brand on every shift you do. The regular team works together day in and day out, and will continue to work together long after your shift has finished, and they need someone who can step in and add value in a short period. First impressions matter, and there are lots of simple, subtle things you can do to leave a positive impression and maintain the standard set by the regular team.

Such conduct has a far-reaching impact, not just on the reputation of on-demand work, but also on the healthcare facilities that use our services. Facilities would prefer not to depend on contingent staff at all, which would take away the opportunity for premium rates.

Additionally, how one uPaged clinician conducts themselves during a shift can influence the treatment and trust that subsequent uPaged clinicians receive. It is imperative that we maintain the trust and confidence of the facilities we serve to ensure the continued success of on-demand work.

At uPaged, we know that on-demand work is like a specialisation in itself, and have outlined the following code of conduct and etiquette to ensure your success with on-demand work:


1. Punctuality

Arrive on time for your shifts and maintain a dependable attendance record.
Always notify the ward promptly in case of unexpected delays or absences, even if you are going to be 5 minutes late for shift.


2. Reliability

When it comes to cancellations, we get that life happens and sometimes you need to cancel. Because of the impact that cancellations have on the operations of a healthcare facility, and our reputation with our clients, the Reliability Rate in your profile is to track if cancellations are a recurring trend. If a pattern occurs, we will step in to see how we can support you in improving your Reliability Rating. Please note we may remove someone from the platform for ongoing and unresolved unreliability.


3. Professionalism

Treat all staff, patients and their families with respect, kindness, and dignity. Using profanities is unacceptable in any healthcare setting when you are in uniform and representing uPaged.

Maintain a professional appearance by wearing the appropriate uniform and maintaining personal hygiene.

Demonstrate a strong work ethic and focus on providing safe and competent care.

Not reporting an incident, or responding/escalating appropriately when an incident occurred may be considered professional misconduct.

Taking breaks outside of designated break times and/or leaving the ward without consent (for example, to smoke) is never acceptable.


4. Communication

Engage in effective communication with colleagues, supervisors, and other healthcare professionals.

Document patient information accurately and promptly.

Notify your team leader / supervisor of any significant changes in a patient’s condition.

Responding to uPaged promptly is important and can be done at any time of the day, via email or SMS; ie: not responding within 48 hours to a call, email or SMS from uPaged where we expressly request a response is considered a breach.

Clinicians are expected to respond similarly to any express requests from facilities.


5. Privacy and Confidentiality

Safeguard patient information and maintain strict confidentiality and other applicable laws and regulations.

Do not share patient-related information with unauthorised individuals.


6. Infection Control and Hygiene

Adhere to all infection control policies and procedures, including hand hygiene and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).


7. Respect for Diversity

Embrace and respect the cultural, religious, and personal beliefs of peers, patients and their families.

Avoid making insensitive comments or engaging in discriminatory behaviour.


8. Safety and Accountability

Ensure a safe and secure environment for patients and staff by adhering to safety protocols and guidelines.

Accept responsibility for your actions and report any errors or incidents as required by uPaged and facility policies.


9. Professional Development

Stay up-to-date with the latest healthcare practices and education.

Be open to learning and adapting to new technologies and treatments.


10. Teamwork

Work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care for patients.

Offer assistance to colleagues when necessary and seek help when needed.


11. Ethical Conduct

Uphold the highest ethical standards in all your actions, including accepting gifts, maintaining financial integrity, and avoiding conflicts of interest.


12. uPaged Policies

Adhere to all uPaged-specific and facility policies and guidelines, including those related to documentation, reporting, and timesheets.


13. Feedback and Improvement

Welcome constructive feedback from colleagues and supervisors to improve your practice.

Actively participate in performance evaluations and continuing education opportunities.


By following this code of conduct and etiquette, uPaged clinicians will help ensure the well-being of patients, maintain a positive working environment, and uphold their reputation as an on-demand clinician, and that of uPaged. It is your responsibility to embody these principles and contribute to the overall success of the healthcare team.

Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action, including termination of your contract with uPaged and/or our facilities.

Thank you for your commitment to providing exceptional patient care and for representing uPaged with integrity and professionalism.


For further details, please refer to the Talent Handbook, accessible via the app.

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